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The Sakizome Momen range from Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. has colours are inspired by 'forests, herbs, flowers and earth' colours. These cotton fabrics make a subtle background for sashiko and mix well with fabrics for boro inspired pieces. The weave is loose enough to easily stitch sashiko with fine, medium or thick sashiko threads. Ideal for wearables, boro style patchwork, 'French embroidery' (floral embroidery in the style of Japanese embroiderer Alice Makabe) or any project where a subtle naural shade would look good. The plaid effect fabrics are a slightly higher thread count than the plainer ones, similar to the Kofu Tsumugi range, so are suitable for more detailed patchwork too. Most are aiso available as pre cuts (fabrics on the pre cuts page that are not included in the selection below are mostly available on the bolt by special order - please enquire).

This range also includes several 'faux sashiko' woven fabrics, which look great embellished with extra stitching, or included in a boro inspired project.

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