I've written quite a few books...


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For all my other books, read on... To make them a little easier to navigate, I've divided them into four categories - books about sashiko, books about quilting, books about bags and books about Japanese style quilts.  Just click the image or page title to go to the relevant page.

I got hooked on sashiko and I think you will too! Kogin is the counted version of sashiko, and just as addictive...

Quilters really can't have too many bags...

Block books, technique books...

As I became interested in making my own quilts while working in Japan, Japanese quilts and Japanese design has been a major influence on my quiltmaking.

Many of my books have been published in different languages and with different covers!  Here's a selection of cover images.  Please note, not all books may still be in print.  They have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Estonian, Russian and Mandarin Chinese.

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