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Books about bags


I love bags and I guess my bag books have all been about the quest for the ultimate perfect bag...

Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags

Here's a collection of 14 fab bag and purse designs to take you through the week, with a pair of projects for each day and a design for every occasion. Whether it's Wednesday's 'Typo Bag' - great for a work conference - or the 'Quilter's Backpack' and 'Ticket Purse' - perfect for Sunday afternoon trips - my third collection of practical designs is sure to inspire quilters of all abilities. Each of the daily duos uses a different quick and simple patchwork or appliqué method to make a complementary pair and require the same patchwork techniques, so you can try out the smaller item before embarking on the main bag. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions ensure that the bags are as fun to make as they are to use. Each pair is 'fat quarter friendly' and uses quick and easy assembly techniques - many bags are finished with bias binding, just like a quilt. All of the bags are accompanied by a variation that shows them off in a completely different colour scheme plus a third colourway suggestion to give you even more inspiration.  Please note - I have the last of the first edition hardbacks available at the same price as the paperback book! Once these are gone, the hardback will be unavailable.

21 Terrific Patchwork Bags

My first bag book includes some of my classic bags, like the Rice Sack Bag.  Fully illustrated with step by step instructions and diagrams throughout.  Like all my bag designs, these have been tried and tested - some of my favourites are in this book. 


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21 Sensational Patchwork Bags

My second bag book - for those designs I couldn't squeeze into the first one! '21 Sensational...' has lots of designs that make the most of your scrap bag bits, although I can't guarantee that you'll make too big a dent in your stash, as bags don't take a lot of fabric.  More fun to make designs, from the tiny Berry Bag through to the giant Pudding Bag (the perfect home for your scrap stash). Available from


There has been an edition with a different cover, but it the same book (publishers' decision!)

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