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It's easy to join my mailing list by sending me an email using the form above.*

You are on the correct page for my contact details and form.

If you are contacting me because you think you have found an error in a book or pattern, please check my errata page first, as it may already have been reported.  Please check that I'm actually the author of the book or pattern too - just because it is a Japanese style quilt book or a sashiko book doesn't necessarily mean I'm the author!

If you are contacting me with your Japanese travel enquiries or about where to buy sashiko materias, I've added new pages for these - Travel to Japan and Japanese supplies shops. And of course, you can buy all your sashiko and kogin materials right here too, in my online shop, where there are hundreds of products listed.

NB - Please check you are using the correct email address if you don't use the form above! 

I have got two email addresses listed here.  If you can't use the form (some browsers don't seem to like it) or one of the addresses bounces back, please try another one. Apparently, someone in the USA has been getting emails that people think they are sending to me, because they are being sent to my - which isn't one of my email addresses.

*Please see my T&Cs/Privacy Policy page for more information about my mailing list.

Susan Briscoe,

1  Knollhead Cottage, Kettins,



PH13 9JP

United Kingdom

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