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Books about patchwork and quilting


Books about patchwork blocks and techniques. Click images to buy the books.

I've written this book to help raise funds for The Guild Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. charitable aims which includes the very important upkeep of the biggest quilt collection in the UK - you can browse the collection online and see just how amazing it is! 

150 blocks for baby quilts

Available on and


This book wasn't published in the UK, although it is available here.  It presents a mixture of patchwork and easy applique blocks for cute quilts for little ones (not just babies!)

Compendium of Quilting Techniques
130 Little Quilt Blocks

Compendium of Quilting Techniques is the UK edition of '200 Tips Techniques and Trade Secrets for Quilters' - buy it here on


This is the book of the beginners' course I used to teach near Wrexham.  It features a lot of my quilts not shown in other books, although it isn't a pattern book per se.  It is ideal for beginners or more advanced quilters, packed with information with detailed step-by-steps of dozens of techniques and also showcases work by other friends in the quilting world.  All in a portable slightly smaller format - as one quilter remarked, ideal for reading in bed!


200 Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets - Please note this is the USA edition of 'Compendium of Quilting Techniques' - they are the same book, but published by different publishers.l Cick here to buy on

An updated edition of both books was published recently, with a slightly different selection of quilts, but I still prefer the original one. It wasn't my decision to change them!


Please note that 130 Little Quilt Blocks and 130 Mini Quilt Blocks are the same book - different editions by different publishers in the UK and USA.  The change of titles is beyond my control!


130 small blocks, ranging from 3in to 5in, are presented over ten chapters in different styles, including new designs as well as classic favourites.  It started out as a spinoff from my second Japanese quilt block book, because I wanted a book of smaller blocks that would be great for projects like bags.  Produced with the same design team as my Japanese quilt block books and the baby blocks book above, every block has a detailed construction diagram and cutting list, there are mix and match quilt ideas throughout and some smaller projects (including a nifty book bag) too.

It looks like 130 Little Quilt Blocks may now be out of print. 130 Mini Quilt Blocks (USA edition) looks OK.

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