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Awai-iro (pale colours) is a new 40m medium mercerised sashiko thread collection, from the same Japanese manufacturer as my sashiko panels, Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. The first five colours were released in February 2022, and the next five, A6 - A10, were launched in February 2023 - kusumi means 'dullness' or a muted shade, and they extend the range with beautifully subtle shades. It is the same thread as their 100m mercerised sashiko thread, ideal for all your sashiko and boro inspired stitching.

Plus... Sashiko Lamé, the first sashiko thread to have a little sparkle added! This is a four ply thread, so ideal for using singly for even the most dense hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko), as well as using singly or doubled for other sashiko designs. Now in stock, to add a gentle glimmer to your special projects.

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