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Hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) is made up of straight lines of running stitch - vertically and horizontally for many traditional patterns like kakinohanazashi (persimmon flower stitch), plus diagonal lines to build up more complex patterns of leaves and flowers. These printed hanafukin (flower cloth) sampler panels make the designs very easy to stitch and come with easy to follow stitching diagrams and instructions in Japanese (you can use the Google Translate phone app to 'read' the Japanese text too). Marks wash out. Printe on sarashi, a slightly absorbent cotton traditionall used for hanafukin (flower cloth) panels.

Kugurizashi ('go through' or threaded hitomezashi) samplers now have their own page here.

You can use our 'just dots' fabrics and sampler panels to create your own hitomezashi designs, and there's a selection of Japanese language sashiko books with even more patterns in my bookstore.

Select your panel and choose any of our medium or fine sashiko threads to make a beautiful hitomezashi sampler.

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