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A four strand splittable sashiko thread from Naito Shoji Co., Japan, 'Naska' thread can also be used for kogin and other embroidery.  This versatile thread can be used straight from the skein as a thick sashiko thread (I recommend larger sashiko needles, like the Olympus 2 pack or Clover pack of 3 long sashiko needles), split and recombined for kogin on 18 count and 20 count fabrics using a kogin needle, or used in any combination of strands for other embroidery effects.  The thread has a slight sheen. In a gorgeous range of colours - rich solid shades, multicoloured effects, and a range of softer colours inspired by the four seasons.  Suitable for thicker sashiko fabrics like Azumino cotton or Sakizome Momen ranges when used straight from the skein, with all four strands. Big value 80m and 145m skeins.

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