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​UK - £3.75 (Royal Mail Second Class Small Parcel 3 - 5 working days*, plus a few pence towards packing materials). If I'm a bit delayed sending things out, I may upgrade parcels to first class (UK only). UK shipping is based on the Small Parcel rate.


Sorry, I can no longer ship to the EU.

New EU VAT regulations are came in for all imports from 1st July 2021. The €22 threshold for VAT was scrapped, so VAT is now payable on the full value of the parcel. Plus the seller is now responsible for a) charging the correct VAT rate for the customer's country, b) remitting that VAT quarterly to each EU country's tax authorities. For businesses outside the EU, this involves employing a 'facilitator' in the EU at around €2500 a year. I'm sorry, but I am a very small business and I simply do not have the accounting abilities to do this, or the time to do it. For the tiny amounts of money involved, it is simply uneconomic for me to continue shipping to the EU at present.

It was always known that these new VAT regulations would be the death knell for small businesses selling to EU customers. Combined with Brexit, they have destroyed the EU side of my business. I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do. If you are an EU customer, I hope you can find somewhere else to buy your sashiko, kogin and boro supplies.

Thank you to all my EU customers who have purchased from my website in the past.

Please let your MEP know your views on this cumbersome way of dealing with VAT!  It's all very well for the big businesses like Amazon but it has made life impossible for micro businesses, and it is unlikely to bring in much by way of extra tax revenue.


view  the current Royal Mail price guide

No overseas shipping at present. Sorry.

Unlike some online stores, I don't send any orders out using private delivery services, like Hermes, as these don't have a good reputation (in the UK at least) for taking care of parcels and, if something does go wrong, it can be a nightmare to claim compensation.

I get proof of postage for all parcels.

Please be aware that UK Bank Holidays can delay our postal services! Click here for UK Bank Holiday dates.


Packaging -

  • All my parcels are packed in distinctive floral mailing bags, which are recyclable at plastic bag recycling stations.

  • I don't use extra tissue paper, ribbons etc. or decorative packaging because it just adds to waste.

  • Books and patterns are packed in cardboard mailing envelopes to keep them flat, then packed in mailing bags.

  • Where bubblewrap is necessary, I use packaging recycled from my deliveries from Japan.

  • I also reuse some of the plastic bags the threads arrive in, and the small cardboard boxes used to pack the 80m threads are great for keeping needles flat.

  • Needles may also be slipped inside the sashiko panel packets, as this helps protect them.

  • Scotch 'Magic Tape', a fully removeable tape, is used to fasten packets together inside the mailing bags, to stop them sliding around in the post.

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