Sewing Street is the new TV channel that started in mid February 2020, and will ultimately offer similar programming to Sewing Quarter (now closed). I did one of the earliest shows on 24th February 2020, with presenter Vicki Carroll.  There will be more! Click the photo above to watch the show on YouTube.

9th November 2020 - Launching 'The Book of Boro', with a look at some of the projects, some of my inspirations and a little demo on how to make a boro inspired landscape picture - the 'Mount Fuji' picture from the book. Second and fourth hours, plus revisiting my Olympus sashiko panels in the last half hour of my second show, with lots of examples stitched in colour for my sashiko sampler stitch along.

28th September 2020 - Introducing my 2020 Olympus sashiko panels, with lots of stitching ideas for my sashiko sampler stitch along. Second and third hours.


I did Sewing Quarter TV quite a few times. Sewing Quarter TV closed at the end of 2019.  Before the studios shut for the last time, they recorded one hour solo shows with many of the demonstrators.  Click this link to watch my final Sewing Quartershow on YouTube, which was first broadcast in January 2020. Just excuse the state of my voice!

Here are the links to all my other shows, starting with the earliest one - just click the dates to view them on YouTube. For my latest show click here.


4th September 2017 - Two sashiko lessons free on Sewing Quarter TV - click the photo above to see my first appearance on the show on September 4th 2017, and learn about marking sashiko patterns and the infamous hatamusubi joining knot (at 3 hours 34 minutes)!  My lessons are the second and fourth hours.  Enjoy!

11th August 2018 - my mini boro bag tutorial (first hour) and the 1718 Coverlet book (third hour).

10th February 2019 - my new sashiko panels for Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. (second hour) and my Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks book (fourth hour).

28th April 2019 - introducing the geometric sashiko panels and revisiting the kamon crest designs (second and fourth hours). Lots of ideas for sashiko!

2nd June 2019 - more sashiko and lots of laughs with John Scott! (second and fourth hours)

23rd June 2019 - the TV launch of The Ultimate Kogin Collection. How to stitch kogin - where to start and things to make. Third and fifth hours of the show - stitching demo in fifth hour.

4th August 2019 - Japanese Taupe Blocks book revisited, and another look at the kogin book - kogin from scratch. First and third hours.

22nd September 2019 - Looking at colour in sashiko with the Limited Editions Autumn Colours* of my sashiko panels, specially printed by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. in Japan. (first hour) and kogin from scratch (third hour).

13th November 2019 - My 'Tai' (sea bream) bag pattern kit (you can use any sashiko design on this bag) (second hour) and some cushion and coaster ideas using my sashiko panels (fifth hour). The bag hour is more about making up the bag and the sashiko stitching lesson is in the cushion and coaster hour.


*I've got a few panels left for sale in my online shop - click here to go to the shop.

Hitomezashi demo clip on Youtube from a few years ago - stitching Urokozashi (fish scale stitch) - click here to watch.

Edited Image 2017-11-20 10-51-30

FREE BORO BAG PATTERN DOWNLOAD! This is the lovely boro bag I designed for the V&A's new book, Patchwork & Quilting: A Maker's Guide. They have decided to release it as a free download - click here. The photo shows the bag when I'd finished the stitching, it has been washed to help 'set' the stitching and now I'm using it a lot to start giving it a worn boro look. It is just so useful.  I taught a mini version of this bag at the Spring Quilt Festivals and National Quilt Championships in 2018 - please send me a photo of your finished bag if you started one in my class. You can make the bag any size you want just by changing the size of the backing panel.