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Sashiko is created with running stitches, traditionally often with white or cream threads on a dark indigo background. It was originally stitched on farmers' and fishermen's clothes in Japan, and on household textiles. It makes fabric warmer and stronger, as well as looking beautiful. There are many patterns, ranging from geometric to pictorial designs. Mark your own designs, or get a panel that is printed with stitches for you to follow - great for beginners and more experienced sashiko stitchers alike! 


Beginners - take a look at sashiko for beginners.

Hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) is a very dense style that resembles blackwork. Today, sashiko is stitched in many different colour combinations, and new designs include pictorial panels, printed and ready to stitch. It's easy to get hooked on stitching sashiko, which can be very relaxing and even therapeutic to stitch.

There's a big choice of sashiko threads, needles and markers, and there are more sashiko books in my bookshop page.

Ultimate Sashiko
D2003 panel low res.jpg
nanten hanafukin stitched.jpg
H-2068 fuzu mame indigo HF.jpg
HF1118-11NV_seasons greetings bl.jpg
SK316 kurosu tsunagi.jpg
great wave as hanafukin detail LOW RES.j
QH Kaza_Guruma1.jpg
210 tobi asanoha blue.jpg
389 sakura to temari.jpg
Lecien 98907 80 brown.jpg
sashiko coaster sakura kit 158.jpg
216 sakura cushion kit.jpg
sashiko patch mending strip.jpg
plain hanafukin cloth green peach pink.j
H-5021 yellow just dots.jpg
azumino dark blue 43.jpg
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