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Books about Japanese style quilts


As I became interested in making my own quilts while working in Japan, Japanese quilts and Japanese design has been a major influence on my quiltmaking.

Japanese Quilt Inspirations

Japanese Quilt Inspirations is my most recent book of Japanese inspired quilts - it does what it says on the label!  After finishing my two Japanese quilt block books, I wanted to bring together some patterns that really show off your Japanese fabric stash but without taking too long to make and which were within the scope of relative beginners.  This is the kind of quilt book I would have loved to have had when I started out.  There are 15 easy to make projects to showcase those beautiful fabrics!  Buy it here on

Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks

Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks is the follow on from my first Japanese quilt blocks book (below) with another gorgeous selection of blocks, this time exploring the calm and sophisticated taupe palette so popular in Japan.  Patchwork and applique blocks are included, with full technique instructions and fabric information about how to get the authentic taupe style.  Here's a link to


Please note the USA hardback edition has a slightly different cover, with the title against a pinkish red square, but it is the same book!

Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match

Modern Japanese quilting uses Eastern and Western techniques to create quilts of extraordinary beauty. This book is a treasury of more than 125 block designs, characterized by their use of beautiful oriental textiles, unusual motifs and striking colour combinations. Choose from patchwork, applique, and sashiko blocks, organized into themed sections based on traditional family crest, parquetry, and pictorial block designs. All the techniques you'll need are clearly demonstrated. Each design features a photograph, clear template, recipe of materials and instructions for making the block. At-a-glance icons indicate skill level and techniques used, and you'll find failsafe block combinations for stylish quilts. All blocks are the same size, so that they can be mixed and matched, tessellated for all-over pattern, or combined in spectacular sampler quilts. Click here to buy on

Quilt Essentials - Japanese Style

This bookazine includes a selection of easier projects from my two sashiko books and Japanese Quilt Inspirations, repackaged in magazine format.  I'm not sure if it is still in print.  If you already have any of these books, please be aware there is repetition in this booklet!

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