'Autumn' Susan Briscoe sashiko panels 2020

'Autumn' Susan Briscoe sashiko panels 2020


Pre order now - panels arriving in late May 2021*

For these limited edition panels, I have selected Kofu Tsumugi fabric colours to represent the four seasons - Spring (2504 lilac purple), Summer (2505 light green), Autumn (2007 mustard yellow) and Winter (2507 teal blue). The new colours extend your options for stitching these panels and coordinate with all the other colours in the panel range. These panels will be printed in a one off print run, so I am taking pre orders now so we can estimate print quantities. They will not be reprinted. *Panels will be sent out as soon as they arrive.

This listing is for both the Autumn panels. Please choose between geometric or kamon crest below.

These panel designs are from  my second selection of ready to sashiko stitch traditional sashiko designs with large and small patterns
, hand printed by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.in Japan on their beautiful Kofu Tsumugi 100% cotton (coloured warp, black weft, with tiny slubs, also available unprinted).  Once again, I've chosen some of my favourite patterns for these new panels - the kamon crest panel has several variations on komezashi (rice stitch) hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) patterns plus the kanji characters for the seasons for the smaller squares - spring 春 (haru), summer 夏 (natsu), autumn 秋 (aki), winter 冬 (fuyu); the geometric panel has eight traditional larger patterns plus a selection of smaller geometric designs from Sakata city. Also available in indigo blue, deep red, green, ink black, grey (taupe) and light blue (slate blue) and coordinating with my other geometric and kamon crest sashiko panels. Each stitch is clearly marked, so they are easy to sew.


Each hand-printed pattern is washed away with water and disappears, leaving no mark on the work.  Do not prewash your panel, or all your marks will disappear! The panel's squares are 9 1/2in (24cm) and 4 1/2in (11.5cm) approx.  They can be cut up and used like quilt blocks or stitched as a whole panel (it looks good if the cutting lines are left unsewn). The block sizes are the same as my other geometric and kamon crest panels, so now you can have many more blocks to combine for larger projects like quilts. The possibilities are endless!

100% cotton
Size - Approximately 108 cm selvedge to selvedge (print width: 96 cm) x 60cm wide.


NB - about my limited edition panels -

Thread suggestions - suitable for any medium or fine sashiko thread. One panel uses approx. 100m sashiko thread used singly, more if doubled or in a combination of doubled and single threads.  The Olympus 100m sashiko thread, available in 14 colours, is ideal.

Needle - Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. sashiko needles in packs of two or four.


Please see my FAQs page for more information about stitching this panel.


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