wood bowl for pincushion

wood bowl for pincushion


These cute little wood bowls are perfect for making a mini pincushion in sashiko, kogin, cross stitch or whatever embroidery technique you wish, or just from a pretty piece of special fabric.

Idea - Mark a circle approx 11cm diameter and stitch your embroidery in an area no more than 8cm across the top. Cut the circle out. Sew large running stitches approx 8mm from the edge, stuff with toy stuffing (or cotton wool, wadding scraps or similar) and gather up to make a ball.  Push the ball into the wood bowl (it can be glued if you wish). NB - I'm testing this idea out over the next few days and will tweak these instructions once I have perfected the size of the circle!

Material - natural wood.

Made in Japan by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.

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