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A thicker cotton fabric from Olympus Thread Mfg. Co., printed with adorable Japanese cats in many different poses, in black on light warm grey/cream background. Perfect for including in many patchwork projects!

I also have this panel in indigo blue and red.

Takumi fabrics have a slightly looser weave and lower thread counts than patchwork fabrics, and are similar to some sashiko fabrics, so they are great for sashiko stitch, boro etc.


110cm wide.


100% cotton


Made in Japan

NB - sold as a panel, approx. 110 x 74cm

13N-1A BLACK Japanese cats Takumi cotton110 x 74cm panel black

  • Zigzag or overlock the edges before stitching sashiko, as this fabric will fray more than regular patchwork cottons.

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