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Go ultra bold with this thick 8-ply sashiko thread - great value, with 180m on each skein. It from the same manufacturer that supplies Yuza Sashiko Guild and makes my 370m fine 4-ply sashiko thread. The fourth photo shows the 4-ply and 8-ply together, so you can see how much thicker it is. Medium 6-ply sashiko thread (20m and 100m skeins) is sightly thinner than this thick thread.  All the shaded threads in this range have a long thread 'pitch' (colour change), so they look quite dramatic when stitched.

A thick sashiko thread looks stunning especially for larger stitches, and may be used either singly or doubled for a really bold effect, but is best used with fabrics with a fairly low thread count, or it will be difficult to pull through. Kofu Tsumugi is about the finest fabric I would normally use this with - it is the same fabric my sashiko panels are printed on. Azumino cotton and the plainer Sakizome Momen fabrics(which both have a lower thread count) are also excellent. The thicker woven cottons from the Boro Wovens range are absolutely ideal. Sarashi cotton (the fabric used for the Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. sashiko sampler panels) is good too. So long as your fabric is not too tightly woven, it would look wonderful for a chunky stitched boro.

It is very important to use a large needle with a long eye for a thick thread, otherwise you won't be able to get the thread through the fabric easily. The twin pack Olympus sashiko needles and the three largest needles in their pack of four are big enough, but the needles in the Clover triple pack are slightly larger still. The single XL sashiko needle is great for stitching fabrics like the Boro Wovens.

This listing is for one skein of shade A, blue varigated. The same shade is also available in fine 4-ply sashiko thread, as a 370m skein. There is a similar shaded thick and fine sashiko thread in shaded blues, as shown in the third photo, if you would prefer lighter blues withturquoise.

100% cotton.

Made in Japan

shade A - thick sashiko thread 180m skein blue varigated

  • Sashiko threads skeins have to be opened out before use. You will find all the thread is tied together at one point.  Cut through the skein at the knot, so all the threads are cut (you'll find these are the ideal length for stitching doubled).  Now plait the thread loosely.  Pull out each thread as you need it from the loop end of the plait, not the 'fringed' end. This saves time trying to wind the thread into a ball and keeps it tidy. As you remove threads and the plait becomes looser, you can replait the skein.

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