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Some more stock of mid blue #108 is due to arrive in mid December, as Olympus have produced a new batch, BUT there is a very slight colour difference between the 'old' colour and the 'new'. The new one is very slightly darker. The fourth photo shows the difference - if you can see it!  - with the original colour labelled 'default colour'. I am going to hold back the small amount of the 'old' #108 mid blue I have in stock, in case anyone needs to colour match it. If you need to know whether some #108 you already have is the 'old' shade, if it was sent out prior to 20/11/22, it will be the old colour. So if you need some of the old shade, please email me when you order. 

This thicker cotton fabric from Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. is specially made for sashiko, and is so easy to mark and stitch. The thread count is low enough to easily stitch sashiko with fine, medium or thick sashiko threads. Ideal for home dec projects, wearables, bags, boro style patchwork, or any project where you want a strong, substantial and easy to stitch sashiko fabric that gives great results, and wears very well.

Best for beginners - this is the same fabric that I have often used for my beginner sashiko workshops, usually in the very dark kon iro shade, the deepest indigo colour. It is quite smooth and easy to mark your own sashiko lines, either with the Clover White Marking Pen (fine), the Sewline pencil (use the blue one on the cream fabric), or Clover Chacopy transfer paper. I have also used it for several projects in my sashiko books. In my opinion, it is one of the best quality and easiest to stitch sashiko fabrics available today.

This listing is for the mid indigo blue version of this fabric. It is also available in cream and kon iro, the darkest indigo shade. NB - these are not natural indigo dyes and won't run or rub off as you stitch.

110cm wide.


100% cotton


Made in Japan

NB - sold in half metre (50cm) lengths, so please order '2' for one metre, '3' for 1 1/2m etc.  Fabric will be sent as one continous length.  Maximum length on bolt is 5 metres.

sashiko cotton #108 mid indigo blue by the half metre

  • Zigzag or overlock the edges before stitching sashiko, as this fabric will fray more than regular patchwork cottons.

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