Sewline Fabric Pencil BLUE

Sewline Fabric Pencil BLUE


The ideal marker for sashiko or marking other light cotton fabrics, this Limited Edition of the Sewline Fabric Pencil is a propelling pencil with a fine bright blue 'lead', specially formulated for marking on fabric. Each pencil is supplied with 3 spare leads. The metal point casing retracts like a click ballpoint pen when not in use.

No need to press hard to make a mark, just a firm drawing pressure is all you need.  The marks don't rub off as easily as chalk pencil lines can do. The lines wash out, can be dabbed off with a damp cloth (with a bit of perseverence!), or can be erased using the special eraser on the end of the barrel. For the blue pencil, I would go for washing out every time.

This is the kind of marking pencil I used (in the white version) for demos on Sewing Quarter TV. The marks show instantly - no waiting for the line to dry.

I also stock this pencil in white.

As this is a limited edition, at the moment it doesn't look like I will be able to get replacement blue lead sets once those provided with the pencil run out, but pink, green and yellow are available, and I will have those in stock soon.


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