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Clover Chacopy is chaco paper, a kind of chalky transfer paper that has been popular for embroidery, sashiko, dressmaking and any other craft where you need to transfer a complex design onto fabric. There are five pieces of 10 x 12in chaco paper in this pack, in five colours, so there is always one that will show up clearly on your fabric. The chalky marks brush off (unlike waxy dressmakers' carbon, which has to be burned off with an iron). Chaco paper can be used many, many times. Some of the sheets I use in workshops have been used dozens of times over, and still mark.

If you have used waxy dressmakers' carbon paper or typewriter carbon paper, you'll know how this works. Pin your design to the fabric across the top edge, slide the chacopy sheet between the design and the fabric, chalky side down, and draw around all the lines on your pattern, with a firm point (I like to use a red ballpoint pen, so I can see where I have marked).  You need to press quite hard and place something like a cutting mat or firm cardboard underneath, or you will permanently dent wooden tables! I did a demo of how to use chaco paper on my last show for Sewing Quarter TV, which starts about 17 minutes and 40 seconds into the YouTube video - watch it here. The demo covers everything you need to know about using chaco paper.

A very useful item to have for marking sashiko!

Clover Chacopy chaco transfer paper

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