#KF2020-15 'Kaza-guruma 3' designer hanafukin panel

#KF2020-15 'Kaza-guruma 3' designer hanafukin panel


This designer panel is by Ky Fujita for QH Textiles, taking hanafukin panels in a new direction, while staying traditional.  This is the third kaza-guruma (windmill) design, this time with five different traditional sashiko patterns in circles, and it coordinates beautifully with the other two kaza-guruma panels in this range. Please see my stitching suggestions below for ways to stitch this design to best advantage. Hand printed in Japan.

It is a 'hana fukin' with literally means 'flower cloth' and printed on greige (unbleached natural) fabric, 85% cotton, 15% linen. Each panel is supplied in one piece with a plain area the same size attached, because they are designed to be stitched through both layers and the edges turned in to make a little cloth, but you can stitch the printed layer separately (as I often do). They may be stitched with a doubled or single thread (or a mixture of both, for an interesting effect), in coloured threads, or white for a very minimalist contemporary look. Any of my medium sashiko threads would be ideal for these panels.

Stitching suggestions for the panel -
Several shades of one colour work look great for stitching these panels, such as shades of blue. A mixture of varigated and solid threads would also work well, perhaps with the same thread repeated in the concentric circle designs. White on the creamy greige would give a very contemporary effect, similar to some of the natural linen/white thread combinations currently popular for kogin sashiko.

These hand printed