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This pack includes all 8 multicoloured kasuri (ikat) effect 4-ply fine mercerised sashiko thread 40m cards The pack saves £1 on buying the threads one by one. There is also a (rather small!) free sashiko instruction sheet included in Japanese, with nice diagrams.

3 x two colour dyed - little splashes of vivid colors pop up from the main thread colour to add interest to the simplest patterns. Create a true kasuri effect by matching the main thread colour to your fabric.

3 x three colour dyed -  5cm-7cm pitch (dye length) gives a more colourful effect, with longer sections of dye in more colours

2 x eight colour dyed -  wow! One thread dyed in eight colours. Even for the simplest straight lines, these will look amazing!

These threads are Daruma brand by Yokota. Suitable for all your sashiko and boro stitching.  Use doubled for a bolder effect. Also excellent for big stitch quilting.


This carded mercerised thread is the same weight as the 170m 4-ply Daruma sashiko thread (same colours) and 370m 4-ply fine sashiko thread I sell (370m range is different colours). By selecting between these different ranges, you can make many subtle colour combinations in the same thread thickness.

Because it is mercerised, it won't 'shred' or go slightly fluffy when stitching. While it is convenient to have a thread ready to use on a card and you can easily cut the length you need, it will be slightly 'kinked' from storage, so just smooth down each thread as it is cut, before starting to stitch..

Sashiko needles - may be used with any of the sashiko needles I sell, including the smallest size from the Clover 8 sashiko needle packs.

Made in Japan

8 x 40m fine Yokota Daruma sashiko thread set 'kasuri'

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