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An exciting new FINE sashiko thread, in exactly the same colours as most of the medium plain 20m sashiko thread range. Fine sashiko thread has a whopping 80m in one ball!  Suitable for all your sashiko stitching, this thread looks great for hitomezashi.  Also lovely for big stitch quilting, boro style patchwork, blackwork and anywhere a fine, matte thread is required (it looks slightly shiny in the photos, due to the flash, but it is matte). Maybe used double or single, great where you want a more delicate effect. 

This listing is for shade #206 light green.


Ideal with the Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. printed sashiko panels as an alternative to their medium sashiko thread and perfect for the hitomezashi designs. One ball would be enough to stitch a whole hitomezashi hanafukin, with a bit to spare. The fourth photo shows the difference between the medium and fine threads when stitched (the two pink on white samples). The multicoloured sampler shows all the colours.

Sashiko needles - use either the smaller needles from the Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. sashiko needles 4 pack or the Clover sashiko needles 8 pack.


100% cotton


Made in Japan

#206 80m FINE light green sashiko thread

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