'Sashiko no hanafukin jitsubutsu dai ' - sashiko hanafukin 10 full-size designs

'Sashiko no hanafukin jitsubutsu dai ' - sashiko hanafukin 10 full-size designs


'Sashiko no hana fukin jitsubutsu dai' (sashiko flower cloth 10 full-size designs) is just that - a great sashiko pattern book that has two pattern sheets with full-sized patterns for 10 beautiful sashiko designs.

The designs of this book are sized to fit the 33cm wide sarashi fabric used for hanafukin (flower cloths), so they are perfect for use with the plain hanafukin fabrics, but can also be used with other sashiko fabrics cut to the same size. If you use a white or light-colored cloth, you can accurately copy the design by simply overlaying it on the pattern sheet and tracing it through. You can also use chaco paper to transfer to dark fabrics (or use a lightbox). Since the patterns are sized to fit the 33cm width, they are easy to align.

There are 10 traditional large geometric sashiko patterns printed on each large sized pattern paper - simply remove the pattern papers from the book to use.  The patterns are shown on their respective foundation grids, so you can use them if you want to study how the patterns are drawn on basic grids too.

Tip - If you are going to use chaco paper to do the transfer, make a copy of the original pattern sheet section you are using, so you don't damage the sheet!


The book has very clear explanations of how to stitch, with excellent step by step diagrams showing every stage. It has the full range of basics for sashiko, including tips on how to copy patterns, how to make the hanafukin cloths up, how to stitch, and how to start and finish your thread.

Ideal for fine (4-ply) or medium (6-ply) sashiko threads.

The text, as you can see from the photos, is all in Japanese, but if you have done a little sashiko before you will find the diagrams very easy to follow. You can use phone apps like Google translate to scan and auto translate text too. Measurements are all in metric throughout.

Who would enjoy this book? If you want an easy source of some beautiful sashiko patterns that can be simply traced off, this would be the ideal book for you. 8 of the 10 patterns are different to those included in The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook. But if you also want to learn how to draft these patterns yourself, the pattern sheets are more than just designs to trace - they show the pattern construction fully.

34 pages in full colour, plus two pattern sheets (each sheet is just under A0 size!)


Size 26 x 21 x 1cm


Publisher : Nihon Vogue

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