QH 'Maiko Bloom' sashiko panel INDIGO

QH 'Maiko Bloom' sashiko panel INDIGO


Arrived 25th May.

This stunning large sashiko panel from QH Textiles. 'Maiko Bloom', depicts a maiko (trainee geisha) in formal attire, admiring the falling cherry blossoms.


Total panel size is 43in (110cm) high x 18in (45cm) wide approx, printed across the full width of the fabric width.

Hand printed in Japan

Stitching suggestions for the panel -
This design would look lovely whether stitched in traditional white or cream thread, or in colour, picking out the shades of the cherry blossoms in pinks and the bridge in red. For ideas for the maiko's kimono and obi, try searching for 'maiko kimono' online. The kimono would look lovely stitched in the bright turquoise blue of Kyoto's Miyako Odori spring dance ensembles, accented with bright colours!

I suggest edging the raw edges with a machine zigzag or narrow overlock stitch to prevent fraying before you start.

The indigo is the super dark 'kon iro' shade, similar to the colour of Yuza Sashiko Guild's fabric, which may look black in some lighting. It isn't a natural indigo, so it won't come off on your hands or run. It is the same colour as the other larger QH panels, like 'Seasons Greetings'.

Sashiko Cloth by QH Textiles (Australia)


Printed with water-soluble ink - marks wash out - do not prewash!


100% Cotton