plain hanafukin cloth - sarashi cotton - choose from 10 colours!

plain hanafukin cloth - sarashi cotton - choose from 10 colours!


Want to mark your own sashiko hanafukin (flower cloth) sampler? Or use the traditional narrow width sarashi cloth (an easy to stitch, slightly absorbent, traditional Japanese cotton cloth) for other projects? This pack contains one 33 x 70cm panel for you to create your own design. The colours are identical to the printed Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. hanafukin sampler panels. Use them doubled, with the edges turned in, to make traditional hanafukin, or stitch through just one layer, or cut into squares for other projects.

NB - although the packets show a design on the label, these panels are all plain, for you to mark yourself.

Ideal with our Japanese hanafukin sashiko sampler books.


Sarashi cloth is quite lightweight compared with other sashiko fabrics, but is very easy to stitch (even if you decide to go traditional and stitch through two layers), super absorbent and wears well.  It is one of the fabrics traditionally used for kimono underwear! It is very soft and would make lovely lightweight 'quilts' for babies, using just two layers.


Made by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. in Japan.


100% cotton.

*Also available in packs of three assorted cloths - green, light peach, and pink; indigo blue, lilac, and light blue; red, mustard yellow, and black.


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