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A pack of six sashiko needles from Lecien Cosmo, ideal for all your sashiko and boro stitching.  All six needles have long eyes make threading easy, and the pack has a handy needle threader included too.  Suitable for fine, medium or thick sashiko threads. 


There is one needle 51mm (0.84mm) and 41.3mm (0.84mm) long, and two needles 44.5mm (0.99mm) and 54.8mm (0.97mm) (needle thicknesses are in brackets).  These are good quality needles that are easy to use in a useful selection of sizes.  I tried them for the first time in January 2020 when I saw the Lecien Cosmo 'Hidamari' thread and sashiko sampler range in a department store in Osaka, and was impressed with the sharpness and excellent range of sizes - the thinner needles are good for finer fabrics and boro style stitching through multiple layers, while the longest needles are great for hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) stitching.

Lecien Cosmo 'Hidamari' sashiko needles 6 pack

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