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Arriving around 20th October 2021.

This kit makes five gorgeous sashiko coasters with moyōzashi - the larger traditional sashiko patterns - perfect for a gift or just to keep for yourself!  The sashiko designs are printed on indigo blue coloured narrow width traditional sarashi cloth (an easy to stitch traditional Japanese cotton cloth, which is also used for the Olympus hanafukin sashiko panels). The instructions are in Japanese but mainly pictorial, so they are easy to follow (you can also use the Google Translate smartphone app to 'read' the Japanese text).  Just remember, measurements are all in centimetres, not inches. Kit contains printed sashiko fabric, fine 3-ply sashiko threads in various colours, and a sashiko needle. The coast are backed with the same fabric as the front, and are designed to be stitched through both layers of fabric, but would work equally well stitched through one layer, so the reverse of the pattern isn't visible on the back.

These traditional sashiko patterns are quick and easy to stitch. A great way to learn some new patterns!  The designs in this kit are -
tate mimasu - three upright squares

ajiro - wickerwork

hanmarutsunagi - linked semicircles

hishiseigaiha - diamond waves

kasumi tsunagi - linked mist


Finished size for the stitched area is 10cm (4in approx) square, and the coasters are approx. 4 3/4in finished size.

Marks wash out.

Designed and made by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. in Japan.


100% cotton.

#SK428 indigo blue sashiko coaster kit

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