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A plastic sashiko stencil set from QH Textiles, for marking the  musubi kikkō (hexagon knot) pattern in two different sizes!  Use with a Clover White Marking Pen or a Sewline Fabric Pencil to mark this easy to stitch sashiko design, on any of our plain sashiko fabrics. Instructions are in English.

Musubi kikkō, while a stunning design and really quite easy to stitch (it looks especially good stitched in a varigated thread),  isn't the easiest pattern to mark without a stencil!

This versatile stencil set can be used to mark musubi kikkō in two different sizes, with a 4in and 41/2in stencil, so you can choose the one that best suits your project. Each stencil has registration marks so you can easily extend the pattern - just mark the registration marks and line up the stencil with these again to mark a continuous pattern. The fourth photo shows musubi kikkō sample from The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook, so you can see how to stitch it - follow the differently coloured threads.

Rather than having a dashed line, these stencils have solid lines, so you can stitch with the stitch length that suits you, instead of having to follow a series of dashes.

Made from acrylic 1.3mm (1/16in) thick, these durable templates will make marking some of sashiko's more complicated patterns quick and easy.

Limited quantities in stock - once these are gone, I won't be able to restock for a long time.

sashiko stencil set Musubi-Kikkou by QH Textiles

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