S528D Sakizome Momen faux sashiko 'shikaku' by the half metre

S528D Sakizome Momen faux sashiko 'shikaku' by the half metre


Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. have just released this amazing new fabric - this isn't printed, it is woven with thick cream threads to look just like the shikaku hitomezashi (squares, one stitch) sashiko pattern! So if you want the hitomezashi look for a project but are daunted by the amount of stitching needed, this fabric could be the answer. You could add some more stitching to embellish it - diagonal lines linking the square corners would turn the pattern into zenizashi (coin stitch) variations, as shown in the two coloured sashiko samples. The 4cm (1.6in) plain squares could also be filled with sashiko motifs or even tiny appliques.  Ideal for any project (bags, quilts, home textiles, wearables etc.) where you want the densely stitched hitomezashi look, but without spending a long time stitching it.  The fabric thickness is similar to other fabrics in the Sakizome Momen range, so it is thicker than patchwork fabic.


I have three other versions in stock - jyuuji (squares) in cream on blue, and kakinohanazashi (persimmon flower stitch) in cream on blue and blue on cream - as shown in the other photos.  The cream on blue versions are identical colours, ideal for combining in one project.

110cm wide


100% cotton


Made in Japan by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.

NB - sold in half metre (50cm) lengths, so please order '2' for one metre, '3' for 1 1/2m etc.  Fabric will be sent as one continous length.  Maximum length on bolt is 5 metres.

  • Stitching Tip

    Zigzag or overlock the edges before stitching sashiko, as this fabric will fray more than regular patchwork cottons.

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