MC-4 GREENISH BLUE sashiko patch boro mending collection - fabric only

MC-4 GREENISH BLUE sashiko patch boro mending collection - fabric only


Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.'s latest innovation is a printed sashiko panel that you can use to make boro style repairs on your jeans! Just cut, stitch and patch.  There are six different patterns printed across the Sakizome Momen fabric, which you can cut to whatever size you like.  Marks fade out gradually when washed. Eliminates the problem of trying to mark detailed sashiko patterns on denim. Patterns are (from left to right in strip diagram) - yokogushi (horizontal rows), shippou (seven treasures), kakinohanazashi (persimmon flower stitch - a hitomezashi pattern stitched with interlocking straight lines), karakusa (scrolling vine), asanoha (hemp leaf) and tatewaku (rising steam).

This listing is for sashiko patch fabric with 6 patterns on greenish blue OL100S Sakizome Momen fabric 20cm x 100cm.

Of course, you don't just have to use the fabric for your jeans - a few other project ideas are shown in the other photos, combining the panels with extra materials, such as the Takumi 'cats' fabric.  Why not make a bag, or another boro inspired project with beautiful sashiko details?


Sakizome Momen fabric OL100S is also available, unprinted, by the half metre.

Suggested thread - 100m sashiko thread.


100% cotton


Made in Japan by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.


  • Stitching Tip

    Zigzag or overlock the edges before stitching sashiko, as this fabric will fray more than regular patchwork cottons.

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