#89-303 Lecien Cosmo Hidamari sashiko thread 30m fine pink/yellow/blue

#89-303 Lecien Cosmo Hidamari sashiko thread 30m fine pink/yellow/blue

Just arrived! Lecien Cosmo ‘Hidamari’ sashiko threads, 30m long and presented on miniature cones, so you can measure off exactly what you need. They are a 6-ply thread, but the overall thickness is more like the 370m fine sashiko threads rather than the 6-ply 20m & 100m sashiko threads made by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co., so if you want a larger amount of an inexpensive thread to coordinate with the Hidamari thread, the 370m range is the one to go for. This thread shades through pinks, yellow and blue.

'Hidamari' means 'sunny spot', a lovely name for this range of 40 contemporary colours for sashiko. The thread is super smooth and resists going fluffy when stitched. Hidamari sashiko threads include shaded, multicolour, denim look, and speckled threads (89 series), and twenty solid colours (88 series).


I will add some colour comparison photos with the Olympus 20m threads as soon as possible. The Hidamari colour range is subtly different to all my other sashiko threads, and provides a different touch of colour.

Suitable for any sashiko needles.

100% cotton.

Made in Japan

  • How to open your sashiko skein

    Sashiko threads skeins have to be opened out before use. You will find all the thread is tied together at one point.  Cut through the skein at the knot, so all the threads are cut (you'll find these are the ideal length for stitching doubled).  Now plait the thread loosely.  Pull out each thread as you need it from the loop end of the plait, not the 'fringed' end. This saves time trying to wind the thread into a ball and keeps it tidy. As you remove threads and the plait becomes looser, you can replait the skein.

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