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Ideal for making drawstring loops on komebukuro or kinchaku bags, this very extra fine 0.8mm cord from Marchen Art is shade #765, wine. Pack contains 3 metres length (the shaded packs are shorter than the plain colours in this range).  The 'Asian Cord' range has many beautiful shades, and is strong and hardwearing (it is what's used for making Asian knotwork designs). Lovely to coordinate with your sashiko or kogin thread colours.

I've added a tutorial to my website showing how to use this thread to make loops around the top of a drawstring bag - Making drawstring loops for a Japanese style bag

Clover have instructions to make a cute o-mamori (traditional lucky charm) with sashiko on their website, which uses this kind of fine cord to finish the charm.

100% polyester

0.8mm x 3 metres

#765 wine 'Asian' cord 0.8mm x 3m

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