#21 fine sashiko thread 370m skein charcoal/teal

#21 fine sashiko thread 370m skein charcoal/teal


This fine sashiko thread is amazing value, with 370m on each skein. Use if doubled or singly for finer details. Ideal for hitomezashi sashiko, boro rag patchwork and for use on finer fabrics where medium sashiko threads may feel too thick. I have used it a lot for big stitch hand quilting and it is perfect - strong and economical. It is the same thread used by Yuza Sashiko Guild. It is a 4-ply thread.

This listing is for one skein of charcoal/teal. Although it is a grey, it has a slightly greenish blue tinge. The second photo shows it next to #23 mid blue and #16 turquoise.


Suitable for any sashiko needles.

100% cotton.

Made in Japan

  • How to open your sashiko skein

    Sashiko threads skeins have to be opened out before use. You will find all the thread is tied together at one point.  Cut through the skein at the knot, so all the threads are cu