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I love the effect of these ombre woven fabrics! Yes, the ombre effect is created with by gradually changing the widths of the woven two tone stripes from side to side as they run parallel to the fabic selvedge - so it seems to go from dark at the selvedge to light in the middle and back again. Ombre Wovens are designed by V & Co for Moda.

This is the hot pink colourway. The ombré colour change is subtle, but visible in real life.

When I first saw them, I was struck by their possibilities for sashiko as well as patchwork and (of course!) boro inspired work.  They are lighter weight than most of my sashiko fabrics, more like the Kaffe Fassett ombre cottons, so more like a patchwork weight than the heavier sashiko fabrics. Of course, they are designed for patchwork.


But that does not mean they can't be used for sashiko, with any of the medium or fine sashiko threads.  You could play with hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) designs, using the weave as one set of grid lines, so the stitches would become shorter as you stitch towards the centre of the fabric instead of staying 1/4in (6mm) in size, or you could use the lines to draw one of the larger sashiko panels, again using the stripes as a nominal quarter inch in your design, so the sashiko pattern narrows towards the centre of the fabric, before widening back out again. I will stitch some samples to show you, but the fabric only arrived yesterday (as I type this) so no time yet. The rainbow of colours in this fabric also makes me want to use one of the rainbow sashiko threads!

Yes, there will be some mini boro bundles and fat quarter bundles coming up in this in the next few weeks (August 2023) - I just need a little time to get them cut and packed!


100% cotton

Woven in India

NB - sold by the half metre, so order '2' for 1 metre, '3' for 1.5m etc.

#14 HOT PINK Ombre Wovens by V & Co for Moda, by the 1/2m

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