#H-2015 sashiko hanafukin panel 'maru bishamon' traditional pattern - blue

#H-2015 sashiko hanafukin panel 'maru bishamon' traditional pattern - blue


These pre printed panels from Olympus are called 'hana fukin' with literally means 'flower cloth'. They are printed in grey on indigo blue coloured narrow width traditional sarashi cloth (an easy to stitch traditional Japanese cotton cloth). Each panel is supplied in one piece with a plain area the same size attached, because they are designed to be stitched through both layers and the edges turned in to make a little cloth, but you can stitch the printed layer separately (as I often do).

'Maru Bishamon' means 'round or curved Bishamon pattern'.  Bishamon, also called Bishamonten, in Japan, is one of the Shichi-fuku-jin (“Seven Gods of Good Luck”). He is identified with the Buddhist guardian of the north. Bishamon is always depicted as dressed in full armour, carrying a spear and a miniature pagoda, and his armour features the standard version of the Bishamon pattern. He is the protector of the righteous and is the Buddhist patron of warriors. This is a tricky pattern to draw, but not difficult to stitch, which is one reason I stock it as a printed panel! Stitching guide included, in Japanese, but with easy to follow diagrams.


Sarashi cloth is quite lightweight compared with other sashiko fabrics, but is very easy to stitch, super absorbent and wears well.  It is one of the fabrics traditionally used for kimono underwear!


Finished size approx 13in (33cm) square.

Marks wash out. NB - the marks have less contrast than my pre printed sashiko panels. The fabric is indigo colour, not natural indigo, so the colour won't run.

Designed and made by Olympus in Japan.


100% cotton.

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