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Now available on fresh white sarashi cotton, perfect for colourful sashiko stitching!

One for the intermediate sashiko stitchers who are looking for something a bit more absorbing and challenging than our regular range of hanafukin panels. This pre printed sashiko panel from Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. is called a 'hana fukin' with literally means 'flower cloth'. It is printed on traditional white coloured narrow width traditional sarashi cloth (an easy to stitch traditional Japanese cotton cloth). Each panel is supplied in one piece with a plain area the same size attached, because they are designed to be stitched through both layers and the edges turned in to make a little cloth (as shown), but you can stitch the printed layer separately and make them into various other items, such as bags, cushions or quilt panels. They also look great framed.

This gorgeous new panel features a stunning hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) designs arranged in columns behind a central medallion. There are five different sampler panels in the collection and they are available as complete kits too. 'Sakura' is printed on 'almond milk' (a pinkish, warm tone). The panels are also available in white.

Instructions are in Japanese, but with excellent diagrams, so you don't really need to be able to understand the text, but you can use the Google Translate phone app to 'read' them for you if you wish.


Sarashi cloth is quite lightweight compared with other sashiko fabrics, but is very easy to stitch, super absorbent and wears well.  It is one of the fabrics traditionally used for kimono underwear!


Please note, I would suggest that a little sashiko stitching or other embroidery experience is advisable before tackling one of these panels. I would rate the skill level as intermediate.


Finished size approx 13in (33cm) square.

Marks wash out.

Designed and made by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. in Japan.


100% cotton.

H-1107 'Sakura' sashiko sampler hanafukin panel

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