#SASHIKO160  yellow ochre sashiko coaster kit 'tombo' dragonflies

#SASHIKO160 yellow ochre sashiko coaster kit 'tombo' dragonflies


This kit makes five gorgeous sashiko coasters with dragonfly designs, perfect for a gift or just to keep for yourself!  The sashiko designs are printed in grey on yellow ochre coloured narrow width traditional sarashi cloth (an easy to stitch traditional Japanese cotton cloth). The instructions are in Japanese but mainly pictorial, so they are easy to follow (you can also use the Google Translate smartphone app to 'read' the Japanese text).  Just remember, measurements are all in centimetres, not inches.

Kit contains printed sashiko fabric, embroidery threads and a sashiko needle.

If you are also buying the hanafukin panel and the coaster kit, and want to coordinate your threads with the coasters, you can either match each of the six strand embroidery threads in the coaster kit to embroidery thread colours in your own stash once the kit arrives, or buy several 20m sashiko threads to stitch both the coaster kit and the hanafukin cloth. The embroidery threads in the coaster kits are light green (#1028), olive green (#274), light purple (#277), purple (#623), russet (#6655) and deep red (#755), so multicoloured 20m sashiko threads #51 or #77 and #73 or #75 would give a similar effect with just two threads, or your can stitch every line with multicolour #74. If you want to stitch with sashiko threads that are as close as possible (but not identical) to the six strand embroidery threads, these would be 20m sashiko threads shades #6 light green, #7 mid green, #24 purplish pink, #19 purple, #15 bright red or #03 mid brown or #04 persimmon orange (there is no true russet in the sashiko range) and #12 dark red.

Finished size for the stitched area is 10cm (4in approx) square, and the coasters are approx. 4 3/4in finished size.

Marks wash out.

Designed and made by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. in Japan.


100% cotton.

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