#99 'kobai' kogin zip pochette KIT

#99 'kobai' kogin zip pochette KIT


More arriving at the end of October and available for preorder now.


This new kit from Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. makes a handy 13 x 20cm pochette, which fastens with a quality metal zip closure, and all you have to do is stitch the kogin and sew up the sides - the zip is already sewn to the panel for you!  If you have been looking for a neat way to store your kogin stitching supplies, this is pochette is perfect. Available in three different colourways, this one is kobai (red plum), with the kogin pattern stitched on 20 count natural linen even weave fabric, and the rest of the pochette made from beautiful Sakizome Momen cotton fabric, woven in Mitsuke city, Niigata prefecture, in deep red. The perfect combination for a lovely warm look. Also available in matsuba (pine needle) and yamabuki (Kerria rose - yellow and blue) colourways

Kit includes kogin thread, pochette panel with zip already stitched in place, instructions (in Japanese) including kogin pattern chart, and kogin needle. The Japanese instructions in these kits are mainly pictorial and very easy to follow - I recommend using the Google Translate phone app to 'read' the Japanese for you, if you feel it is necessary. Just remember, all measurements in these kits are in metric. Of course, you could switch the kogin pattern section for any other kogin design of your choice.

Made in Japan by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.

Handwash.  Do not dry clean or tumble dry.

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