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Medium sashiko thread 40m skein, shade #A2 lemon chiffon.  Suitable for all your sashiko and boro stitching.  May be used double or singly.


Please note - this non mercerised thread feels slightly thicker than the mercerised 100m sashiko thread. It is the same thread as the 20m non mercerised sashiko thread, which is the most traditional kind of sashiko thread (thread mercerisation wasn't done in Japan until the late nineteenth century).  Please use it with a little care, so it does not 'shred' or go fluffy when stitching.


Ideal with for my printed sashiko panels.

Sashiko needles - use either Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.sashiko needles 2 pack or 4 pack.

Made in Japan

#A2 lemon chiffon 40m medium sashiko thread

  • Sashiko threads skeins have to be opened out before use. Slide of the skein band first. You will find all the thread is tied together at one point.  Cut through the skein at the knot, so all the threads are cut (you'll find these are the ideal length for stitching doubled).  Push all the thread through the skein band, and then plait the thread loosely.  Pull out each thread as you need it from the loop end of the plait, not the 'fringed' end. This saves time trying to wind the thread into a ball, keeps it tidy and you know the thread shade number if you need to re order.

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