Sashiko is created with running stitches, traditionally often with white or cream threads on a dark indigo background. It was originally stitched on farmers' and fishermen's clothes in Japan, and on household textiles. It makes fabric warmer and stronger, as well as looking beautiful. There are many patterns, ranging from geometric to pictorial designs. Hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) is a very dense style that resembles blackwork. Today, sashiko is stitched in many different colour combinations, and new designs include pictorial panels, printed and ready to stitch. It's easy to get hooked on stitching sashiko, which can be very relaxing and even therapeutic to stitch. Everything you need is here.
Susan's sashiko panels
large sashiko panels
designer sashiko samplers
sashiko picture panels
sashiko panels geometric
Hitomezashi sashiko samplers
sashiko patch collection
hanafukin sashiko samplers
sashiko thread 20m medium
sashiko thread 100m medium
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