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A plastic sashiko stencil set from QH Textiles, for marking the  bishamon kikkō (hexagonal bishamon) pattern in two different sizes!  Use with a Clover White Marking Pen or a Sewline Fabric Pencil to mark this easy to stitch sashiko design, on any of our plain sashiko fabrics. Instructions are in English.

Bishamon patterns represent the armour scales of the Buddhist deity of protection, Bishamon. This stunning design isn't the easiest pattern to mark without a stencil though!

This versatile stencil set can be used to mark bishamon kikkō in two different sizes, with a 4in and 41/2in stencil, so you can choose the one that best suits your project. Each stencil has registration marks so you can easily extend the pattern - just mark the registration marks and line up the stencil with these again to mark a continuous pattern.

The fourth photo shows my sample from The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook, so you can see how it is stitched - just follow the coloured lines.

Rather than having a dashed line, these stencils have solid lines, so you can stitch with the stitch length that suits you, instead of having to follow a series of dashes.

Made from acrylic 1.3mm (1/16in) thick, these durable templates will make marking some of sashiko's more complicated patterns quick and easy.

Limited quantities in stock - once these are gone, I won't be able to restock for a long time.

sashiko stencil set Bishamon-Kikkou by QH Textiles

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