'Sashiko no fukin to komono’ (sashiko cloths & small things)hitomezashi

'Sashiko no fukin to komono’ (sashiko cloths & small things)hitomezashi


 A fabulous new sashiko book by hitoemzashi (one stitch sashiko) specialist Sashikonami, with many new designs and new twists on traditional ones. Perfect for use with the ‘just dots’ hanafukin panels and fine (4-ply or 3-ply) or medium (6-ply) sashiko threads. Projects include a pin cushion in a wooden bowl, several zip pochettes, draw string bags, tote bag etc. - and of course, lots of hanafukin cloths. There are dozens of full colour hitomezashi design charts.

The text, as you can see from the photos, is all in Japanese, but if you have done a little sashiko before you will find the diagrams very easy to follow. You can use phone apps like Google translate to scan and auto translate text too. Measurements are all in metric throughout.

Who would enjoy this book? If you love hitomezashi and have done a little before, this would be a great book to expand your stitch repertoire.

You can follow Sashikonami on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube too.

80 pages in full colour.


Size 26 x 21 x 0.8cm



Publisher : Nihon Vogue

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