SASHIKO 'lucky bag' - 'indigo'

SASHIKO 'lucky bag' - 'indigo'

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£16.80Sale Price

Do you know the Japanese New Year sale tradition of the Lucky Bag? You get a great value discounted selection of goodies, but you can't look inside the bag first - it's a mystery. Lucky bags may be themed by products (stationery, accessories, makeup etc.) and are sold by stores in the New Year sales.

My lucky bags are themed by technique (sashiko, kogin etc.) and/or a keyword or phrase, such as 'wintertime', 'golden' or 'Japanese New Year' to give you a clue as to the products and colour themes of each bag.  This 'indigo' bag will contain one 180m skein of thick sashiko thread (usual price £12)*, hand dyed by me with natural indigo, plus a half metre of 'indigo' coloured Azumino cotton fabric cut from the bolt (there are several shades - usual price is £8). So the thread is hand dyed with natural indigo, but the fabric is not natural indigo dye - the fabric colour won't come off on your hands. I will also include an extra large sashiko needle, worth £1, ideal for stitching with the thicker thread. The usual price of all these items sold individually would be £21.

* This hand dyed sashiko thread is not currently listed for sale anywhere else on this website, as stocks are very limited.

Each skein of these threads is unique, and I usually only sell them at quilt shows.  Shades range from light, ice blue to mid indigo tones, and some have shaded effects. I dye on natural and bleached cotton, which gives different effects - the natural cotton becomes more of a denim blue while the white is a fresh, sky blue. Japanese boro and Scottish summer skies were my colour inspirations.

Exactly which thread and fabric shades will be in your bag? That's the surprise... but if you love indigo, I'm sure you will love these!

Thick sashiko thread is slightly thicker than the medium thread I sell, and may be used singly or doubled.  It is great for boro too, using more loosely woven fabrics.

Threads were thoroughly rinsed after dyeing but, as they are natural indigo, a little of the blue may come off on your hands while you stitch.

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