Sakizome Momen pre cuts 'lucky bag' - 'subtle colours'

Sakizome Momen pre cuts 'lucky bag' - 'subtle colours'

£20.00 Regular Price
£16.00Sale Price

Do you know the Japanese New Year sale tradition of the Lucky Bag? You get a great value discounted selection of goodies, but you can't look inside the bag first - it's a mystery. Lucky bags may be themed by products (stationery, accessories, makeup etc.) and are sold by stores in the New Year sales.

My lucky bags are themed by technique (sashiko, kogin etc.) and/or a keyword or phrase, such as 'wintertime', 'golden' or 'Japanese New Year' to give you a clue as to the products and colour themes of each bag. These Sakizome Momen 'lucky bags' contain five 35 x 50cm precuts of these beautiful yarn dyed fabrics worth £20 for just £16, so there is a  20% discount on each 'bag'. 

'subtle colours' - which ones will be in your bag?

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