LIGHT GREY Olympus 'Coolmax' FABRIC ONLY for masks

LIGHT GREY Olympus 'Coolmax' FABRIC ONLY for masks

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10% discount was going to be until end of November 2020... but with the vaccine rollout started, and a possible end to the pandemic in sight, I've decided to keep this discount until we can stop wearing masks for COVID-19!


This listing is for a 55cm 'fat quarter of Coolmax fabric in light grey, the same size and specificiation as the fabric included in the original Olympus Coolmax mask kits. Multiple orders may be sent as one piece. Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. kindly supplied this as a special order, so that you can use your mask kit pattern to make up to three more masks per piece, adding the elastic yourself. Ideal if you have already bought the kit and want to make more masks - or use this fabric with your own mask pattern.

The fabric is 'Coolmax' polyester cotton, which is more comfortable to wear in hot weather. Summer temperatures in Japan can exceed 40-degrees Celsius, so staying cool is essential. It may not get so warm in the UK, but now mask wearing is mandatory in shops in England soon as well as in Scotland, we are having to think about cooler masks. Coolmax is used a lot for summer and tropical outdoor wear. I have worn it a lot for summer hiking, although this will be my first time to try it as a mask fabric!

My friend at Olympus Thread Mfg. Co., Yuko san, reports that they are having a really HOT summer in Nagoya, Japan, this year, but the masks are much cooler to wear than regular masks. So if most masks make you too hot, this could be the fabric for you.

Colour - light grey


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