#H-2095 indigo blue sashiko hanafukin panel 'Umezawa'

#H-2095 indigo blue sashiko hanafukin panel 'Umezawa'


These pre printed panels from Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.are called 'hana fukin' with literally means 'flower cloth'. They are printed in grey on indigo blue coloured narrow width traditional sarashi cloth (an easy to stitch traditional Japanese cotton cloth). Each panel is supplied in one piece with a plain area the same size attached, because they are designed to be stitched through both layers and the edges turned in to make a little cloth (as shown in the third photo), but you can stitch the printed layer separately and make them into various other items, such as bags, cushions or quilt panels. They also look great framed.

This stunning new design is inspired by Japanese 'ukiyo-e' woodblock prints and depicts one of Hokusai's famous '36 Views of Mount Fuji'.  This one is called Soshū umezawanoshō, 'Umezawa in Sagami Province (Kanazawa Prefecture today) or simply 'Umezawa' (literally 'Plum Marsh'). There are four different designs in the collection and all are available on either blue or white fabric. The white panel is also available as a complete kit.

These panels were designed specifically for the 80m 3ply fine sashiko threads, and need just one ball to stitch the design. The 370m 4ply fine sashiko thread is also suitable and one skein would be a good choice if you plan to stitch all four panels.  You could also experiment with mixing medium 6ply sashiko threads (20m or 100m) with the finer threads for a variety of line weights, for different effects. The second image shows the original print colours, should you wish to experiment with colours as well as thread thicknesses.


Sarashi cloth is quite lightweight compared with other sashiko fabrics, but is very easy to stitch, super absorbent and wears well.  It is one of the fabrics traditionally used for kimono underwear!


Includes English instructions! Please note, I would suggest that a little sashiko stitching or other embroidery experience is advisable before tackling one of these panels. I would rate the skill level as intermediate.


Finished size approx 13in (33cm) square.

Marks wash out.

Designed and made by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co. in Japan.


100% cotton.


NB - the blue colour is not natural indigo and won't run.

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