'Finding the Steps 1' panel INDIGO

'Finding the Steps 1' panel INDIGO


This wonderful indigo blue sashiko panel from Indigo Niche, Australia, is something a bit different, including many traditional Japanese sashiko and hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) designs in a sampler arrangement that looks like a view down onto a Japanese garden path. It is one of two panels that can be used separately or with each other, as a wall hangings, or joined as together table runner or a noren (Japanese door curtain). The panels are exactly the same colour in real life, although they look slightly different in the photos! Back it or border it with another fabric of your choice.


Total panel size is 43in (110cm) high x 20in (50cm) wide approx, printed across the full width of the fabric.

Stitching level -

As the panel combines both hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) panels and larger designs, it is advisable to have tried a little hitomezashi first.

It would look great stitched all in white or cream, in different shades of blues, or in multicolours.

Suggested threads - combine various colours from the 20m medium sashiko thread range, or go for fewer colours in the 100m medium or 370m (4ply) fine sashiko thread ranges, using all these either singly or doubled for a bolder effect. 80m (3ply) fine sashiko thread could also be used doubled. This panel has many creative options for coordination with your interior decor. The exact amount of thread used will vary according to whether you stitch with a single or doubled thread.


100% Japanese cotton fabric

I suggest edging the raw edges with a machine zigzag or narrow overlock stitch to prevent fraying before you start.

Printed with water-soluble ink - marks wash out - do not prewash!





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