KOGIN XL 'lucky bag' - 'traditional' on 20 count linen - extra large!

KOGIN XL 'lucky bag' - 'traditional' on 20 count linen - extra large!

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Do you know the Japanese New Year sale tradition of the Lucky Bag? You get a great value discounted selection of goodies, but you can't look inside the bag first - it's a mystery. Lucky bags may be themed by products (stationery, accessories, makeup etc.) and are sold by stores in the New Year sales.

My lucky bags are themed by technique (sashiko, kogin etc.) and/or a keyword or phrase, such as 'wintertime', 'golden' or 'Japanese New Year' to give you a clue as to the products and colour themes of each bag.  Kogin lucky bags will contain fabric and threads all colour coordinated on the theme and chosen individually by me.

'Traditional' - kogin is traditionally done in white or cream thread on very dark indigo blue... so this one will include one precut 'fat quarter' (45/46 x 50cm approx) of one of the dark indigo kogin fabrics, either the 20 count linen in the very dark indigo (looks almost black!) or blue shades*. There will be three skeins of kogin thread in either white or cream... I'm including a packet of kogin needles in this lucky bag, so you have all you need to get started.

* There will also be an 18 count cotton fabric version of this bag, listed separately, as the 18 count cotton costs a little less than the linen. Both fabrics are equally easy to stitch.

  • Stitching Tip!

    When stitching kogin on dark fabrics, it is easier to see the holes if you can place something light below your fabric. A white cloth over your knee plus a light low down is a traditional solution, or an iPad or small lightbox for a modern approach!

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