BORO inspired 'lucky bag' COLOURFUL - vintage traditional Japanese fabrics & t

BORO inspired 'lucky bag' COLOURFUL - vintage traditional Japanese fabrics & t

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As promised last week, here are my very first boro Lucky Bags!

Do you know the Japanese New Year sale tradition of the Lucky Bag? You get a great value discounted selection of goodies, but you can't look inside the bag first - it's a mystery. Lucky bags may be themed by products (stationery, accessories, makeup etc.) and are sold by stores in the New Year sales.

My lucky bags are themed by technique (sashiko, kogin etc.), materials and/or a keyword or phrase, such as 'wintertime', 'golden' or 'Japanese New Year' to give you a clue as to the products and colour themes of each bag.

Boro inspired fabric bits, colourful... This bag will contain fabric pieces covering approx 1 square metre which have been recycled from vintage kimono, hanten work jackets and similar Japanese garments. This means the fabrics are traditional narrow width - approx. 14in (35cm) wide. The pack will include pieces of different sizes and some will be half the narrow width, depending on which part of the garment they recycled from. They will be a similar selection to the more colourful fabrics plus indigo blue that I used for the projects like the Komebukuro Bag from 'The Book of Boro' (see detail photos of the bag above, which was stitched with 370m fine 3ply sashiko thread in cherry blossom pink). There will be bits of red, burgundy, brown or striped or checked fabrics as well as plain blues. The sizes of the pieces will vary, but they will be quite large so you can cut them down to the sizes you want to use. They are ideal for mixing with other fabrics from your stash to give your boro inspired project an authentic vintage Japanese look and texture. Most of these fabrics are 100% cotton, but the pack may include a few silks, wools, or other blends.

Please bear in mind that these fabrics have been recycled, so they will have a little patina, old threads, small holes and (if you are lucky!) the occasional bit of original repair boro mending or patching. You may want to hand wash them before use to freshen them up. They can be torn easily for raw edge effects. Colours may run when washed (pop in a Colour Catcher!)

I will include a 370m skein of a colourful fine 4ply sashiko thread (solid colours only). Which colour you get will be a surprise, but if there is a particular shade you want, please ask when you order and I will do my best to include it - please use the link to see the different colours. Even the brightest shades look quite subtle when stitched against dark fabrics. This is excellent thread for stiching boro, and the biggest value skein I stock. I recommend using the smaller sizes of Clover sashiko needles for stitching boro inspired work with this thread, as they will go through the fabric a little easier than the larger sashiko needles.


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