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This 100% patchwork weight cotton fabric in the shippō (seven treasures) linked circle pattern in mid indigo blue, from the Sakuru collection from Japanese manufacturer Sevenberry is printed to look like traditional stitched shibori (tie dye - an expensive fabric today) - and it does look like the real thing! Ideal for patchwork, wearables, boro inspired work, bag linings, lightweight home textiles, etc. this is a versatile fabric. Beautiful as a lightweight sashiko coordinate too.

Written サークル 'sākuru'* in Japanese, the name of this collection is simply the Japanese way of saying the English word 'circle' (try saying out loud!) and some of the other designs in this range feature circles, either as kanoko (fawn spot) tie die patterns or as mameshibori (bean tie dye) dots. There's also a wonderful asanoha (hemp leaf) pattern in the range.

* A lot of Japanese words get written online without the long accent over the vowels!


110cm (43in) wide (approx).


100% cotton

Made in Japan


This is not natural indigo and the colour should not run, but I would still recommend washing finished items with a colour catcher or dye grabber, just to be extra careful.

NB - sold by the half metre, so order '2' for 1 metre, '3' for 1.5m etc.

#104 'shippo' mid indigo blue, 'Sakuru' by Sevenberry - per 1/2m

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